Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What's Going On?

My Art Blog

My Styling/Vintage Site

My life has slowly been revealing itself to me. Or maybe certain things are becoming easier to understand. I know most of you understand the feeling when you have so much built up creativity, but it's blocked. There's so much 'energy' to be let out, but no energy to execute it. For a really long time it kind of felt like all of the creativity inside of me was unable to take form. I was so upset about not being able to make any work, or at least work that was any good.

I have been trying to dissect myself. Asking myself questions like, 'why can't I make work?' 'Why isn't my work any good?' etc. and I've found that even though, when people ask, and I say that I'm an artist, that I'm not actually taking myself seriously. 

I have to delve deeper into my craft. I have to learn about my craft, and I think most importantly learn my process. I've realized just how important process is. It's easy enough to say 'I just like drawing, or taking photos and that's it.' I honestly used to believe I didn't have a process and thought even having one was kind of stupid. Making work and understanding why you're making work is important and has to be natural. I think this is why it has taken my so long to put out consistent work.

I just looked up and realized the amount of words happening here. I'm going to end it here, I just wanted to say that I've obviously been examining myself a lot closer these days and have started to...like myself.
I've started to like my work, my process, etc.

I've made clear lines between the kinds of work that I make and have different places that I post them online. I know some people don't work this way, but I think, for now, it's helping me.

This blog will still be for my photos. I know I should be posting a lot more. I love taking photos, and I really want to utilize this space for them. 
I think I'll continue to post some 'style boards' or whatever you would like to call them. They're kind of fun for me, and they don't really fit anywhere else.

I've made a blog specifically for my art. You can follow it HERE.

I also want to talk about Velvetopium. Even though I'm taking a break, I realize how much it means to me. I will always love styling. That website is my baby. Which is probably why I'm being so picky about it right now. I will continue doing Velvetopium soon. I think everything I've realized as of late goes to show that I do have a drive to work. I think Veletopium, my art and taking photos is the only thing I can ever really picture myself working on. And that's NOT a bad thing.  :) I need to have more patience with myself.

You can also still shop and browse my styling photos on Velvetopium HERE.

Thanks if you've read this far...you're nuts, but I seriously do appreciate it. Sometimes you just need a place to write your plans down, you know?